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Joana Gea

Joana Gea, born in Spain, dancer, teacher and choreographer. Graduated in Social Education in Barcelona and she is member of the CID International Council, France.

She studied Oriental Dance, Traditional Ethnic Dances of the Middle East, Central Asia, Central Europe, Balkans, Giro Derviche, Romani Dances (Gypsy Dances), and Flamenco among other disciplines, such as Yoga, Bioenergetics, Reiki, Chi-kung, although she also stands out as a graduate in Social Education. She studies with great masters of gypsy dances and travels to the places of origin to establish direct contact with the ROM communities in different countries such as Turkey, India, France, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Greece and her place of origin, Spain. Her perseverance drives her to seek new knowledge and she is currently continuing her training in Dance Therapy.

Creator of several social-artistic projects for social collectives, she organized meetings, workshops and creations in collaboration with young artists, and collaborative, transdisciplinary and creative practices. She actively participates in the independent dance movement through the teaching, creation and delivery of specific workshops.

She collaborated directly with the Project “Gypsy Soul” together with the Photographer Jordi Oliver, traveling and investigating the music, dance and traditions of the Romany People in Romania, Istanbul and the South of France, establishing direct contact with the Romany families, living and traveling with them.

She has collaborated as a soloist dancer in different Gypsy music bands, such as Fanfara Transylvania (Romania), Zíngaros (Argentina), Orchestra Octophus (Italy) and Sadko Klezmer Band (Argentina), among others.

She was principal dancer in several projects and musical groups of the Gitano-Oryental genre, such as Masallah (Granada), Les Bohemiens (Mexico), Tutti Frutti (Argentina). He actively participates in activities related to Romanies dances, participating in different Events and Festivals related to Rom culture.

Some creative proposals in dance were: “Stories of Idariel” a work based on the legend of the Poppies, which I present in Mexico and Buenos Aires with the collaboration of guest artists, and currently works with the Project “Zigarian Stories” which mainly disseminates some of the Romanies legends through music, theater, dance, poetry and stories. His last presentation was “A day we were birds“, a dance show inspired by an ancient Russian Romani legend, in Buenos Aires

At present, Joana travels through different countries between Europe and America, realizing Seminars & Performances, collaborating with diverse artistic projects. Working, with more detail, a personal investigation on the Gypsy people, its customs, traditions and its art, through its project ROMI, gypsy feminine dances.